MESDA Craftsman Database

The MESDA Craftsman Database is a collection of primary source information on nearly 85,000 artisans and artists practicing 127 trades in the early South.

MESDA partnered with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Carolina Digital Libraries and Archives to digitize the Craftsman Database.  Click the link below to launch the database in a new window:




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MESDA Subject Database

As they were creating the Craftsman Database, MESDA Research Associates also recorded information they found interesting or intriguing. The subject matter, generally found in period newspapers, varies widely. This Subject Database is a rich resource for historians and material culturists. Scholars can visit the MESDA Research Center to use the information recorded. A general index and a very detailed index of the Subject Database are available below.

•  General Index of the MESDA Subject Database

•  Detailed Index of the MESDA Subject Database

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